Gritty blues-rock album produced on ‘dad time’

Vancouver’s Rich Hope will play a show at The Blue Grotto in April

Rich Hope has reached the point in his career — or really, his life — where music is something he does whenever he can.

Because he’s a business owner, father and husband, the days of disappearing off the face of the earth and dedicating two straight weeks to recording an album are over with.

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Instead, Hope created his latest album on what he jokingly called “dad time.”

“My wife would lose her mind if I did that — and I wouldn’t want to work under that kind of pressure, either,” he told KTW.

I’m All Yours is filled with 10 rock, blues, soul and R&B tracks that are sometimes raucous and always gritty.

The album took him three years to make and comes nearly 10 years after his last full-length release, Rich Hope Is Gonna Whip It On Ya. It was produced by Felix Fung, a Vancouver-based producer at Little Red Sounds who has also had a hand in the work of a few Kamloops acts, including Elsewhere, Echo Beach, At Mission Dolores and Mother Sun.

“Sometimes when you’re self-producing, your filter isn’t quite as strong,” Hope said.

Prior to its appearance on this album, the band’s version of the Lightnin’ Hopkins-era blues track Runnin’ Shoes was something they used to “bludgeon” on stage, according to Hope.

“It came out very raw,” he said.

But for the album version, Fung got Hope and his band to step back and approach the song with more discipline and what ended up being recorded was something different and more exciting.

“All of a sudden you sound a little bit new, even to yourself,” he said.

Hope, who turns 50 this year, also said the more relaxed work schedule meant that his knowledge of when to leave well-enough alone helped out.

“We definitely picked things apart when we thought it wasn’t working, but if it was working we didn’t question it,” he said.

When he wasn’t recording he was either with his family, out snowboarding, skateboarding or playing hockey, or at the Belmont Barbershop, which he owns and works at on East Broadway in Vancouver.

He’s worked there as a barber for 10 years and owned the shop for two years. The creative aspect of the job keeps him interested and enjoying his work and when he’s cutting hair he often has music on his mind.

“It’s nice to be thinking of music but also be away from it, too,” he said.

Despite the callings of his fatherly duties and his barbershop, Hope said he’ll keep playing for as long as he feels like it.

“I always found it funny that people make fun of the Rolling Stones because they keep touring,” Hope said.

“But they’re just musicians. They wanted to be Muddy Waters since the day they started.”

Rich Hope will be joined on stage by two local bands, Echo Beach and Sweater Kittens, on Thursday, April 11, at The Blue Grotto, 319 Victoria St. Tickets are $10 at the door or $8 online at

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