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Kamloops Film Society buys MovieMart

The store’s collection of movies will be transported to the Paramount Theatre, from where rentals by the public will continue. Scroll down to watch a short documentary on the city's longest-running movie rental shop.
MovieMart has been offering film rentals in Kamloops since 1982.

The Kamloops Film Society has purchased MovieMart, a local Kamloops movie rental business with nearly 40 years of history.

Denis Walsh opened MovieMart in 1982 and, while he has mixed feelings about parting ways with his store and collection, he's happy with where it will end up — downtown at the Paramount Theatre at Victoria Street and Fifth Avenue, such a few blocks from MovieMart’s current home at St. Paul Street and Fourth Avenue.

Over the next few weeks, KFS staff will move the collection to the theatre and begin work on reopening the store, which will happen at some point in September.

"Though we are coming through a very difficult financial period, and aren’t sure what our future will hold, we realize that diversification and evolution are the keys to our continued success," said Dusan Magdolen, executive director of the Kamloops Film Society, which operates the Paramount Theatre.

The KFS, which was granted charitable status in April, said it is also welcoming donations in the form of films in all formats, as well as VHS, DVD and Blu-Ray players.