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Kamloops Symphony Orchestra music director taking leave due to health reasons

KSO music director Dina Gilbert said she's optimistic about the future and looking forward to returning
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Dina Gilbert, seen here conducting the Kamloops Symphony Orchestra, has been the organization's music director since 2017.

Kamloops Symphony Orchestra music director Dina Gilbert will be unable to conduct the remaining concerts of the season due to health reasons.

"It is with great compassion and caring that we announce that our music director Dina Gilbert has been recently diagnosed with cancer," reads a statement released by the Kamloops Symphony.

Gilbert will be reducing her workload for the next few months to focus on her wellbeing, treatment and recovery.

"I, of course, deeply regret having to miss our upcoming productions, which I was greatly anticipating," said Gilbert, who is in her 30s.

"Please know that I am optimistic for the future: we will meet again soon! I can’t wait to be back in Kamloops to share more vibrant musical moments with our audiences and musicians!"

With four concerts left for the symphony this season, Gilbert provided input and support for potential replacements.

The Essence of Mahler, set for March 12 and March 13, will now be conducted by Nadège Foofat, who was slated to work with the orchestra as part of a postponed performance in February.

Former long-time KSO music director Bruce Dunn will take up the baton in Gilbert's stead for Luminous Voices on April 16.

The remaining two concerts in April, including iskwē & the KSO, which was previously postponed, and Beethoven and Tabla, will be performed on April 21 and April 23, respectively. The conductor for both shows will be Bradley Thachuk, the music director for the Niagara Symphony Orchestra.

Gilbert has been the music director of the Kamloops Symphony Orchestra since 2017.