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Local ghost hunters plan TV series

“... There’s definitely been situations where, with my knowledge base, I can’t explain what’s going on.”
True north paranormal
True North Paranormal is being produced by Thunder Boyz Productions Inc. and features Jon and Karina Kozuska.

Jon Kozuska and wife Karina have been hunting for ghosts for almost a decade, but they may soon be taking that hunt into your home — with their plans for a reality TV show.

True North Paranormal is being put together by producer Dean Trumbley and his company Thunder Boyz Productions Inc.

The company is already producing the hunting program Trigger Effect and, according to Trumbley, they were looking for a way to follow that up.

“We didn’t want to produce something that was in the same sector,” Trumbley told KTW. “We did a little bit of market research and found the paranormal community was growing rapidly.”

He also found the Kozuskas, who were members of the Canadian Paranormal Research Society.

“Dean got a hold of us and brought the idea to us, and he said, ‘Do you want to give this a whirl?’” Jon said. “And we said, ‘Yeah, we're in.’”

Jon is a paranormal investigator; Karina is an empath medium. Also on the team is spiritual medium Sarah James.

Though there are no deals yet in place, Trumbley is working on having six episodes completed to pitch to television networks later this year. The website — — also includes shorter clips of work that is hosted on YouTube.

Paranormal probes have included trips to places like the Kamloops Indian Residential School and Whispers Adult Superstore in Kamloops, which was once a funeral home. An employee of the adult store has reported seeing objects moving and hearing sounds.

“Those we do in a night,” Jon said. “We're there from daytime through the night and then we wrap and we're done. That's kind of True North Paranormal’s way of still doing what Karina and I used to do.”

When shooting for their planned television episodes, the team has visited larger and more notable hauntings, including the ghost town of Sandon, the Powerhouse Theatre in Vernon and Fort Steele.

“Fort Steele is probably my favourite filming location ever,” Jon said of the heritage town in the East Kootenay, a 20-minute drive northeast of Cranbrook.

“It was just amazing.”

Trumbley, who admits to being a skeptic, conceded he has experienced some unexplained phenomenon while filming the show.

“A lot of the stuff you can explain,” he said. “But there’s definitely been situations where, with my knowledge base, I can’t explain what’s going on.”

If the show is picked up, they hope to be able to explore locations across Canada, but if there’s one spot on Jon’s ghost-hunting bucket list, it’s across the Atlantic Ocean.

“If I got the opportunity to go into London Tower and do a four-night investigation, if I croaked the next day, I could croak with a smile on my face,” Jon said.