Local vinyl releases a rarity, but growing

Latest album from At Mission Dolores released as an LP record

The latest from At Mission Dolores is Last Night Outside Her Apartment, a nine-track album and the second release of the year from the Kamloops band.

The album was recorded and mixed by Jordan Koop, a producer best known for his work with another Canadian indie group, Wolf Parade.

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But it’s not just who produced the band’s latest album that makes it stand out, it’s also what it was recorded on — a full-length 12-inch record.

When Last Night Outside Her Apartment is officially released on Friday, by band frontman JP Lancaster’s count, it will be just the third local vinyl release since 2011.

Ronan McGrath, the owner of Kamloops record store Barnacle Records, said full-length albums from local bands are somewhat rare, and vinyl releases are even more so.

“I think going to this extra point of creating this more substantial artifact is an interesting development for Kamloops,” McGrath said.

That extra part involved mostly means greater expenses in terms of distribution, along with the costs to create the actual pressing and album jacket.

“This will be interesting to see how much response there is on a 12-inch full-length. I have optimism. I think if more groups locally went whole-hog, people would buy it,” he said.

Part of the appeal to vinyl, McGrath said, is how the listener has to participate in something of a ritual — delicately placing the stylus on the vinyl and returning to switch to the B-side.

“When a medium demands you attend to it, you experience more of the nuances,” he said.

Long-owned records also mean changes to the sound of the record unique to the owner.

“It’s going to change over time like a good pair of shoes,” he said.

Nielsen’s year-end music report for 2018 showed a 27 per cent increase in vinyl record sales over the previous year, with more than a million new records sold at retail stores.

It was the eighth consecutive year of growth for the format.

And although CDs are still outselling vinyl 7-to-1 (and declined by 26 per cent last year), McGrath said the format hasn’t seen a similar renaissance like vinyl has — and probably won’t.

At Mission Dolores will play an album release show in Kamloops on Saturday at the Legion, 425 Lansdowne St. Tickets are $10, available online at factotumco.ca/store. Doors open at 8 p.m.

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