Maker Movement: On the year that was and the creativity that lies ahead

January is here, a time for dismantling holiday decor and a relentless reminder that everything about us should be changed.

While the rest of nature is still resting, saving up energy to emerge with renewed vigour in the spring, we’re packing ourselves into gyms and health food stores, adopting every trendy “lifestyle change” at the same time.

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It’s the middle of winter, some of the darkest and coldest days of the year. I don’t want to be a better, healthier and more organized person right now — I want to hibernate and perhaps do a little crafting.

Looking forward to a new year is a bit daunting at the moment. Brianne and I are only just wrapping our heads around everything that happened in 2018 and trying to tie up loose ends before embarking on this next chapter.

So, in the spirit of procrastinating just a little bit longer, let’s interrupt the accounting and business goals and spring cleaning and turn our attention to what I really want to be doing: getting my hands dirty.

I only first picked up some polymer clay last October, but I’m already antsy to get it out again.

After keeping things simple for my first attempt, I made some basic round beads strung up into a necklace. I really want to try some different shapes and accessories.

Earrings and a ceramic wall hanging are next on my to-do list for 2019 and I also want to bring more ceramics, clay and pottery into Far and Wide this year for everyone to enjoy.

Another little project from 2018 that I really enjoyed was an ill-timed bathroom semi-renovation.

It sounds fancier than it was — new paint, some fancy drawer pulls, round wall mirrors and the chance to DIY a cheap and easy shelf to display plants. (It’s also a great reason to buy more plants, which was really my motivation from the beginning.)

While housework and renovations may not seem in the same vein as creativity and DIY, I always feel so inspired working through these projects.

While working on our bathroom I added some great local artwork that catches my eye every morning as I’m getting ready. It’s impossible not to feel encouraged daily with a start like that.

My endeavours ranged from trying a couple of new canning recipes this summer — I explored the world of freezer jam in a past article — to attempting some crude plant multiplication by way of rooting cuttings from some of my favourite houseplants (with varying degrees of success) to pulling out my drill and skill saw to make some wall mounted air plant holders to hang up in the kitchen.

The year 2018 taught me that for those seeking it, creativity will find a way.

It was a crazy year. At times it felt like all we did was work and sleep, but looking back I can find little glimpses of creativity marbled throughout, and I’ll take comfort in this.

There are currently 361 fresh pages ahead of us and I know, regardless of what happens with business or in life, creativity in some shape or form will be scattered across every one of them.

Calli Duncan is co-owner of Makeshift Kamloops and Far and Wide. For more, go online to

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