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She creates beautiful paintings full of light and drama, focused on the female form in silhouette.

Most of her figurative paintings also utilize the suggestion of kinetic energy flowing through her figures like a dance of wind.

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Schmidt creates one-of-a-kind portraits of animals and pets on commission.

She works as a master artist for Paint Nite and is the assistant manager of the Kamloops Artisan Market, starting this spring in downtown Kamloops on Thursdays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

The following is a Q-and-A with Schmidt.

Karla Pearce: What is your background and artistic medium?

Carly Schmidt: I am a self-taught acrylic artist born and raised in Kamloops.

KP: What inspired you to become an artist?

CS: As soon as I could hold a crayon, I could not stop colouring. Once I held a paint brush, I couldn't stop painting. Art and the process of creating is just a part of me.

KP: Describe your creative process.

CS: I rarely can go a day without painting. As soon as I sit down in my studio and pick up a brush, I instantly relax and time seems to fast forward.

KP: What motivates you to create/work?

CS: I love beauty, nature and creativity in people. I get inspired every day from something as simple as a piece of wood to as complicated as human emotion. When I wake up until I fall asleep (up to 18 hour days of painting and promoting) I am motivated and want to paint.

KP: What is the most difficult thing about creating/doing your work?

CS: Balancing life and art. It takes a lot of work to make it as an artist. Whether it was working a side job while creating a new line or a lull between commissions, I really had to work hard not to starve sometimes and keep focused to get through to succeed.

KP: What is the best thing about creating/doing your work?

CS: It is my me time and the best way to sooth my busy mind. I get to spend so many hours covered in paint hanging out with my dog in my studio.

KP: What was the worst/best moment in your career?

CS: The best moment of my career was finally being able to be a full-time artist. I worked full-time jobs while painting for many years to get to this point. I can't say I have a worst moment in my career. Sometimes things I tried was a big success and sometimes it wasn't but, no matter what, I learn something new to take forward into my journey.

KP: What are you working on now?

CS: I am working on a new line that captures the strength and peace in women. I have so many wonderful women in my life and they all inspire me in so many ways. I want people who see them to feel inspired and happy.

KP: What are your future plans/goals?

CS: I have been doing a lot of business painting (mostly pet portraits) on commission but I would love to get into galleries all across Canada as well as continue to expand more for my international customers.

KP: Do you have any advice or words of wisdom you would like to share for the next generation of artists?

CS: Never stop creating and work on your business and social skills just as much as your technique.

For more information on Carly Schmidt, go online to or email Karla Pearce is a local artist who contributes a column to Kamloops This Week. For more information, go online to

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