Pollinator passion put to pages

First-time author and illustrator Elaine Sedgman has released A Bee Named BOB, with a book launch planned for May 29

A local author and illustrator isn’t shying away from "buzzwords" with her first book.

Elaine Sedgman is a first-time author and illustrator with a passion for bees — and not just any bees.

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“Honey bees get the most attention, for sure,” she said. “When people think of a bee, they think of a honey bee or bumblebee — or a wasp and getting stung.”

The book’s official title is Osmia Lignaria Pollinator Extraordinaire, but through the publishing process it came to be known by a more accessible name: A Bee Named BOB.

Bee named Bob Book
A Bee Named Bob is the first book by master gardener Elaine Sedgman.

Osmia lignaria is a species of solitary bee sometimes known as a mason bee or a blue orchard bee — or BOB, for short.

Sedgman’s book on the bee’s business is intended for kids ages 8 to 10 and was developed based on presentations she did years ago to teachers in the region, talking about the importance of pollinators and bees like BOB.

Along with the story, the book is filled with bee-related facts about bee anatomy, lifecycle and behaviours, and Sedgman’s feedback so far has been positive — even from adults.

Sedgman’s buzz for pollinators stems from interest gained during local bee studies, which she participated in as a citizen scientist, organizing workshops and doing pollinator counts on behalf of the Thompson Shuswap Master Gardeners in conjunction with researchers at Thompson Rivers University.

She started work on the book three years ago and, using what she learned and practiced during her time spent earning a bachelor of fine arts degree from TRU, illustrated the book, as well.

The 14-page book also contains an list of resources and tips to build your own bee condo.

Next up, Sedgman is planning a second edition of A Bee Named BOB, but she also has plans for a second bee-focused book.

“I’m still recovering from this one, but I would do another — this time on a ground nesting bee, because 70 per cent of the world’s species are ground nesters,” she said.

A Bee Named BOB is available in Kamloops at Legends Used Books, 1415 Hillside Dr., at Big Little Science Centre, 655 Holt St., and at Chapters, 1395 Hillside Dr.

A book launch is planned for Wednesday, May 29, at Big Little Science Centre at 6:30 p.m.

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