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Rick Miller returns to Western Canada Theatre with BOOM X

After dazzling Kamloops audiences last year, Rick Miller continues the BOOM trilogy with the music, culture, and politics of Generation X—BOOM X hits the Sagebrush stage this month 

Western Canada Theatre (WCT) is welcoming back to Kamloops, fan favourite, Rick Miller — returning for the second year with the sequel to last year’s hit, BOOM.

Filled with history, music, and personal stories, the 70s, 80s, and 90s will boom to life on stage in BOOM X, written, directed and performed by Rick Miller. It runs from Jan. 19 to Jan. 28 at the Sagebrush Theatre.

Picking up where BOOM left off, at the end of the Baby Boom generation at Woodstock in August of 1969, BOOM X takes audiences on a magical, multi-media journey back to 1995, when the internet first began.

“We’re thrilled to welcome back the profoundly talented Rick Miller for the second year in a row,” said James MacDonald, Western Canada Theatre
artistic director.

“Rick brings us the gifts of an astonishingly talented and versatile performer, and he is also a brilliant writer and storyteller. BOOM X manages that rare double in

A multi award-winning writer, director, actor, musician, and educator, Rick Miller has been praised as a “one-man show master” by CBC News.

BOOM X will again showcase his signature style of one-man-show, featuring stunning visuals and mind-blowing impersonations. Miller embodies over 100 colourful characters from the days of disco, the oil crisis, Watergate, the Cold War, video games, punk rock, the (second) British Invasion, and more — all while bringing real life stories and experiences to life.

The range of Miller’s talent is also featured in the musical performance of 35 generation-defining songs, including: American Woman, Hooked on a Feeling, Kung Fu Fighting, Proud Mary, Staying Alive, Under Pressure, Walk this Way, Whip It, and more.

“If BOOM was the story of my parents’ generation, BOOM X is the story of my own generation, Generation X,” Rick Miller said.

“This is the second in a trilogy of shows designed to tell a big-picture story — 75 years of history in this corner of our planet.

The stories of GenXers give a unique perspective, one that can hopefully build bridges and break through walls.”

After three years of development, the world premiere was presented at Theatre Calgary in January 2019.

The second in a trilogy of explosive solo shows, BOOM X documents the years of 1970 to 1995 and the people and places that shaped Generation X.

Overall, the BOOM trilogy (BOOM, BOOM X, BOOM YZ) chronicles 75 years of history and collectively documents music, politics and culture from 1945 to the present. 

While each show explores a different generation and the events and trends that define them, all three tell personal and historical stories through unforgettable performance, multimedia and the voices of over 300 influential figures and musicians.

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