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True North Paranormal

Dean Trumbley still wonders if it was a ghost -- or something more easily explained -- that caused a chair next to him to "slam down." The owner of Thunder Boyz Production Inc.

Dean Trumbley still wonders if it was a ghost -- or something more easily explained -- that caused a chair next to him to "slam down."

The owner of Thunder Boyz Production Inc. was in Vernon Towne Theatre, a building some have claimed is haunted and which is part of that community's Ghost Tour.

He was sitting in one of the spring-loaded seats filming a scene for a new television series he is promoting -- one featuring Kamloops' paranormal investigators Jon and Karina Kozuska -- when he was startled by the seat suddenly swinging into motion.

"I'm a skeptic at heart, but I have no plausible explanation," Trumbley said.

Jon and Karina do.

They are confident it was something -- call it a spirit, a body of energy, a ghost -- that wanted to make its presence known to the film crew in its haunting grounds.

Backing up their belief is video shot in the theatre that shows the couple using ghost-hunting equipment called a spirit box to scan AM frequencies, hoping to hear from the spirit world. They were also using equipment that has lights that can sometimes be illuminated by spirit energy. One of the lights glowed dimly and Jon asked if the entity could make it burn brighter.

After a few scans on the machine, a distinct "no" was heard and captured in the video.

"It was kind of creepy," Jon said.

The incident came during filming of the pilot for True North Paranormal, which Trumbley said is being eyed by some speciality TV channels for future airing. He said similar series have been mainly American productions, noting it's time for a Canadian version.

Work is continuing on future episodes that will be shot in the Okanagan and Thompson regions. The pilot may be released in March to gather feedback and determine interest.

Jon and Karina met through their mutual ghost-hunting interests.

Karina said she's been fascinated with the idea since childhood, while Jon said he was the kid who, when told a house was haunted, wanted to see for himself.

They know people will dispute their beliefs.

"You can't convince anyone who doesn't want to be convinced," Jon said. " . . . Anyone with a rational mind should be skeptical at first."

Karina agrees people should always question.

But, just as they have no answer for the slamming chair or the sudden "no," the couple has no explanation for why Karina's charged-up tablet suddenly drained of power once they were in the Vernon theatre.

They have taken their trade to other locations, including their own home, where they found some indications there might be some astral forces at work, but none malevolent. And, while Jon professes to approach every instance with some detachment and curiosity, Karina said she's had times when she's been scared, "when it feels creepy as hell."

Trumbley, a biologist by profession, lives in Falkland and produces Bushnell's Trigger Effect. He appears as host and biology expert on the hunting series.

He said he brings his scientific mind to the job when dealing with the paranormal, but is also open-minded.

In the meantime, he's happy with the work that has been done on the series and is optimistic it will find a home to be shown.

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