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UCC students present unique trio of plays

A woman on a diving board, a mother living in a world of her own and a modern tower of Babel.

Something new in artist's Attic

A person walking toward the entrance of the Kamloops Arts Gallery could be forgiven for thinking he was about to enter a museum.

Bible stories on stage

First they teach; then they do.

Diamond Rio at best with One More Day

One More Day Here's an idea to make the jobs of the record executives at Arista Nashville easier: Wait a couple of years, then repackage One More Day with some new visuals and call it a Diamond Rio greatest hits package.

Barenaked Ladies being taken seriously

It may take a bit of searching to find one of Jim Creeggan's favourite songs on Maroon.

Film festival features Cannes, Oscar winners

Nine films, including one which received two awards at the Cannes Film Festival and another which won an Oscar, will be featured at the Kamloops Canadian and International Film Festival next month.

Murder for aperitif

There's a big-time murder coming to Kamloops next month.

Play matures as playwright ages

Audiences at Mom, Dad, I'm Living With a White Girl are advised to pay close attention to the dialogue.

Students fight for survival

Who will wind up as Lord of the Flies?

Rosco Gordon back on stage after four-decade absence

Rosco Gordon Pocket Dwellers