KTW Christmas Cheer Fund: Sheltering women and kids from domestic storms

These five groups will be helped by your donations: Y Women's Emergency Shelter, Kamloops Therapeutic Riding Association, Chris Rose Therapy Centre for Autism, New Beginnings Stroke Recovery and Kamloops Brain Injury Association. To donate, go online to kamloopsthisweek.com/cheer.

While the local charities and non-profits that are funded by the KTW Christmas Cheer Fund change every two years, there is one organization that remains on the list in perpetuity.

It is the Y Women’s Emergency Shelter and its status as a legacy charity is at the request of Gregg Drinnan, the man who created the fund at the Kamloops Daily News before that newspaper closed in 2014 and the endeavour was picked up by Kamloops This Week.

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Like most other local non-profits in 2020, the emergency shelter has had a challenging year due to the pandemic.

In order to follow the province’s physical-distancing guidelines, shelter staff were forced to reduce the number of people who stayed in their facility.

Thankfully, they were able to maintain their total capacity by finding other sites within the community to host families.

Shelter staff have seen an increase in the number of women and children’s being supported, particularly since July.

“With any crisis situation, there is an increase in a need of service for women experiencing violence,” said Michele Walker, general manager of violence against women intervention and support services at the Kamloops Community YMCA-YWCA.

She called this increase in violence the shadow side of the pandemic, as it often remains unseen.

Walker said that the shelter appreciates the money that comes from the KTW Christmas Cheer Fund as it arrives without any restrictions on its use, which means funds can be directed to wherever they are most needed in a given year.

One area they had to focus on earlier this year was in setting up families with tablets and cellphones during the time when the pandemic had school buildings closed and students learning remotely, as many of the families in the shelter didn’t have access to that technology.

“Being able to respond quickly to people’s needs is really fantastic for us to be able to do,” Walker said, which is exactly what the KTW Christmas Cheer Fund donations allows.

Walker expressed gratitude for the generosity of the Kamloops community, which has helped them to keep their operations running for years, and explained how when talking to service providers in other communities, people are always amazed at how supportive Kamloops is.

Walker expects this KTW Christmas Cheer Fund season to be no different.

“My instinct is telling me that supporting Christmas Cheer won’t be any less successful than it has been in other years,” she said.”

For more information on the Y Women’s Emergency Shelter, go online to kamloopsy.org and click on the Women’s Safety tab.

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Amy Berard: $25

Susan & Ron Durant: $100

Stella Frame: $100

Anonymous: $50

Anonymous: $100

Debra McNichol: $50

Anna Evenrude: $50

Anonymous: $50

Neil Sarrasin, in memory of Gordon Sarrasin: $100

Phil & Cathy Holman: $100

Canadian Tire: $200

Barb Storms: $100

Darren, Sharlene & Kyle McIlwain: $158

Greg Harris: $50

Marg & Terry Bangen: $200

John & Val Kemp: $100

Twyla-Lea Jensen: $20

Milton & Anna Marie Mankowske: $100

David Whitson: $100

Kathy Kendall: $150

Loni Hamer-Jackson: $50

Norm & Sue McGowan: $100

By donation from BBQ at VW Turtle Race: $185

Tom & Sharon Moore: $100

Gladys & Ken Klepachek: $100

Kamloops Aberdeen Lions Club: $180

Mrs. M.I. Stewart: $100

Amy Regen: $100

Old Dogs Senior Hockey: $790

Donna Geefs & Ross Styles: $100

In memory of Mary Helem: $25

Sylvia Olson: $100

Anonymous: $100

In memory of Dave & Sandy: $100

In memory of Ruth Cooley: $50

In memory of Sarah McAlary: $150

Eleanor Nicoll: $500

In memory of Stan & Jack Tash: $50

Beth Dye: $50

Anonymous: $100

Lynne Totten: $100

Peter Humphrey: $100

Michael & Maureen McInnes: $100

In honour of Josie, Libbie, Eira: $150

Louise & Ron Oyler: $100

Gerald & Wendy Patrick: $50

Caitlyn Winter, in memory of grandfather Walter: $50

Lance Weisser: $20

Tina Lange: $100

Steven & Susan Baardsen: $100

Anonymous: $100

Ken & Marylyne House: $100

Anonymous: $260

Harriett Chave: $100

Norio & Marie Sakaki: $100

Elizabeth Grice: $50

Butch & Sharon Beblow: $75

Colman & Teresa Byrne: $200

Pat Davies, in memory of husband Bill Davies: $100

The Posse: $100

Anonymous: $150

Russ & Carol Dreger: $100

The Hausers: $100

Bob & Jo-Mary Hunter: $200

Doris Finlay: $20

Lorraine & family, in memory of Noel Kirby: $100

M. Colleen Stainton: $200

Evelyn Meyer: $60

Marilyn & Marvin Peterson: $100

Graeme & Bev Hanes, in memory of Brett & Bob: $100

Sharon & Fred Persello: $50

R. Wells: $50

In memory of George Wilmot: $100

Margaret Boehler: $100

Lorraine Harper: $50

Anonymous: $100

Twink & Wayne Murphy: $50

Anonymous $100


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