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Invest Well. Live Well: The power of success

September 16, 2018
My wife, Erin and I recently attended The Power of Success conference in Vancouver, which attracted more than 4,000 people. The main draw was a four-hour session with Tony Robbins, one of the . . .

Invest Well. Live Well: Begin with the end in mind (one year later)

September 12, 2018
In September 2017, Christopher Seguin, a family friend and relentless community leader, passed away. More importantly, he was a loving son, husband and father of two young children. One year ago,. . .

Invest Well. Live Well: Don't make the biggest mistake

May 30, 2018
There are many tips and lists to improving investment returns, but we believe investor behaviour is among the most important. As humans, we rely on logic, but often emotions get in the way. We . . .

Invest Well. Live Well: What we are teaching our kids

May 2, 2018
As parents who work together in the financial industry, we often think about what we want our kids to know about money. We decided to use a philosophy a good friend taught his son: Generally . . .

Invest Well. Live Well: Questions to ask an investment advisor

April 18, 2018
When we have the opportunity to meet with potential clients, we often are asked a wide range of questions. Some clients ask very pointed questions, while others admit they are not sure if they . . .

Invest Well. Live Well: The dividend advantage

March 21, 2018
Recently, the Canadian stock market has been a bumpy ride. Even dividend stocks have suffered. Rising interest rates and trade tensions with our neighbours south of the border have put pressure . . .

Invest Well. Live Well: Top tips for executors

March 7, 2018
Being appointed as an executor is an honor and tremendous responsibility. When asked after the fact, most executors would never want to do it again because of the time, energy and personal . . .

Invest Well. Live Well: Hunt for income and yield

February 21, 2018
Whether you are a retiree or a pension plan owner, you are usually looking for income from your investments to help fund the payments. The income an investment generates is also referred to as &. . .

Invest Well. Live Well: 10 signs you could be ready to retire

February 7, 2018
"When Can I Retire?" and "How much do I need?" are two of the most common questions we hear as we meet with clients. The answer they get, but do not want to hear: "It . . .

Invest Well. Live Well: Report card time

January 24, 2018
Whether we are in school, sports, working or investing, we are judged on our results. Often, clients will sit down at our face-to-face meetings and ask, “Are we making any money?” or “How are we . . .


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