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Invest Well. Live Well: Should I defer property taxes? 

June 27, 2017
The Canadian real estate market has been red hot as of late

Invest Well. Live Well: Get fit for retirement

June 5, 2017
(written by Eric Davis)Those who know me know I try to keep fit and push my limits

NDP, Greens would hold referendum on proportional representation during 2018 civic election

May 30, 2017
Premier Christy Clark will recall the legislature and test itsconfidence -- though she fully expects her government to fall on thefirst such vote

Sinclair: What happened to the performing-arts centre?

April 27, 2017
I felt mildly stunned and disappointed with news the formerKamloops Daily News (KDN) building would become a parkinglot

Invest Well. Live Well: The hunt for income and yield

April 24, 2017
Whether you are a retiree or pension plan, you are usuallylooking for income from your investments to fund payments

Invest Well. Live Well: When did you last check under the hood of your investments?

April 10, 2017
We've used the analogy that investing can be like a road trip

Davis & Davis: Protecting your most valuable asset 

March 14, 2017
Often we ask people to name their most valuable asset

Davis & Davis: Getting schooled in education savings plans

August 30, 2016
Growing up in a house where our parents were a school principaland teacher-librarian, we learned the value of education at a youngage

Connector quizzes federal parties

September 29, 2015
Unedited party responses: Conservatives, NDP, Green and LiberalConservativesHow does your party plan to improve Canadian hospice services, which are currently not consistently available throughout Canada, and as a result limit usable access?While the administration and delivery of healthcare services remains within the jurisdiction of the provinces and territories, our Conservative Government has introduced numerous initiatives to better meet the healthcare needs of Canadians

NDP Leader Mulcair won't commit to keeping child fitness tax credit

September 2, 2015
Kamloops This Week An NDP government would retain the current child fitness tax credit for sports only if it can be proved it is working to get more kids to play, leader Thomas Mulcair told reporters in Kamloops Wednesday


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