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Dearborn Ford

Nominate your community leader

Submissions should be approximately 250 words and include information such as: length of time nominee has spent in the community; specific examples of the work and/or contribution he/she has made; community associations and memberships. Please provide references of other individuals who may be able to provide further support on the nominee’s behalf.

Deadline for nominations: Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Nomination Categories


Makes a positive contribution to their sport. Is exemplary in developing skills and confidence in participants. A role model who inspires and encourages high athletic achievement.

Youth Volunteer

A youth that is 19 or under that makes a positive contribution in the community through volunteering. Someone who has committed to making a difference to an organization or individual.

Community Builder

Someone who has taken the initiative to engage a variety of local residents in an innovative or new community project or event. The initiative may assist different groups to work together, address a gap in community participation, or result in a more inclusive, engaged community.


Makes a positive contribution by being a true leader. An influential counselor, teacher or educator that provides support or sponsorship. Demonstrates a high level of ethics and professional standards, is an inspirational motivator, excellent communicator, good listener and a reliable resource to the community.


This individual makes a positive contribution to the community by volunteering their time to a variety of causes. They are dedicated to making a difference in several initiatives.


This person has risen above adversity or formidable challenges to become a success. As a result, they have had a positive effect on the people around them.

Fresh Impact

This person has been in Kamloops less than 3 years but is already making an impact in the community in a leadership position in business, volunteer work or other community involvement.

Environmental Leader

Everyone is talking about the carbon footprint, but this award celebrates a person who is walking their talk, whether it be riding their bike to work year-round, reusing and reducing, and taking great steps in setting an example for others to follow.

Under 40

This person under 40 is recognized for going above and beyond in our community who in a variety of fields and endeavours.

Indigenous Leader

This person is making a positive impact on indigenous business and culture in Kamloops and area. Helping spread awareness and growing relationships within Kamloops with indigenous businesses and organizations.

Presented by

Dearborn Ford