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Advance voting in Kamloops led to 5,000-plus ballots

That is 2,000 more than were cast in 2018, but there were two advance voting locations in this year’s election, compared to one advance polling station four years ago

More than 5,000 people, or six per cent of eligible voters, cast an early ballot during advance polls in the civic election — an increase of 2,000 votes from advance polls in the 2018 election.

However, there were two advance voting locations in this year’s election, compared to one advance polling station four years ago.

Courtney Ranger, the city’s deputy chief election officer, told KTW the final day of advance polls on Oct. 12 saw a total of 2,696 people cast a ballot, including 1,291 ballots cast at Heritage House downtown and 1,405 ballots cast on McArthur Island on the North Shore.

Ranger described the final vote tally on the last day of advance voting as a “pretty significant addition.”

A total of 5,138 ballots were cast over three advanced voting days — Oct. 5, Oct. 8 and Oct. 12 — at both locations. The city has 80,025 eligible voters.

Advance voter turnout in the 2018 civic election — which had just one polling station, at Heritage House — resulted in 3,097 ballots cast.

In addition, Ranger said the city received slightly more than 1,000 requests for mail-in ballots.

“We’re still processing the ones that we’ve actually received back, but we’ve received back at least several hundred so far,” Ranger said.

On Saturday, Oct. 15, Kamloops residents will go to the polls on general voting day to elected a new mayor, city councillors and school board.

Ranger said counting of mail-in ballots will be completed on Saturday, as they are required to be in hand by 8 p.m. that day., which is when polls close. 

“Those results will be calculated after the close of voting, same as any other poll. We don’t do postmarked ballots,” she said.

Polls on Saturday are open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. and ballots can be cast at the following locations:

Aberdeen elementary: 2191 Van Horne Dr.

Arthur Hatton elementary: 315 Chestnut Ave.

Arthur Stevenson elementary: 2890 Bank Rd.

Beattie elementary: 492 McGill Rd.

Brocklehurst middle: 985 Windbreak St.

Dallas elementary: 296 Harper Rd.

Dufferin elementary: 1880 Hillside Dr.

Heritage House 100 Lorne St.

Juniper Ridge elementary: 2540 Qu’Appelle Blvd.

Lloyd George elementary: 830 Pine St.

NorKam secondary: 730 12th St.

Rayleigh elementary: 306 Puett Ranch Rd.

R.L. Clemitson elementary: 5990 Todd Rd.

South Sa-Hali elementary: 1585 Summit Dr.

Valleyview secondary: 1950 Valleyview Dr.

Westmount elementary: 745 Walkem Rd.

 For information on what you need to bring to vote, visit