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City of Kamloops to require employees, contractors , volunteers to be vaccinated against COVID-19

What that means for those who are not vaccinated by Dec. 15 remains to be seen as the city's full policy on the matter won't be released until the end of October
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The city will require proof of vaccination from its employees, contractors and volunteers.

In a release issued on Tuesday afternoon (Oct. 19), the city said it would require the proof of vaccination by Dec. 15 and a policy outlining “potential options” if that timeline is not met will be available by the end of October.

The city did note that BC Human Rights Code accommodations would be made for employees unable to be vaccinated for reasons that are protected by that code.

The decision to require proof of vaccination comes in the wake of federal and provincial workers required to be vaccinated and the City of Vancouver requiring vaccination of its employees, an announcement that came on Monday.

It is unclear if city council will be required to be vaccinated, as that was not addressed in the press release. KTW is seeking clarification on that matter.

"We have taken employee and public safety very seriously throughout the pandemic and have followed public health advice and orders as the driver for our operational decisions at the City," said David Trawin, the city's chief administrative officer. “We have strongly encouraged our employees to become vaccinated over the past six months, and we feel it is now time to put a policy around those expectations."

 Trawin previously told KTW the municipality had been in contact with other cities, discussing what they are doing and what such a policy would look like.