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COVID-19 outbreak declaration on way for The Hamlets in Kamloops

There are multiple cases of the disease at the Westsyde seniors' facility. Another care home, Kamloops Seniors Village in Aberdeen, had an outbreak declared on Aug. 27.
The Hamlets
The Hamlets at Westsyde is a privately operated long-term care home and assisted-living facility. The Hamlets and other care homes in B.C. were permitted to have visitors, effective April 1, 2021, following a year without visits due to the pandemic.

An outbreak of COVID-19 is about to be declared at The Hamlets long-term care home.

In an email, an Interior Health spokesperson told KTW there has been an “exposure event” at the seniors’ facility in Westsyde, which is under the final stages of investigation.

“Right now, it is not considered an outbreak; however, we expect one to be declared shortly,” the spokesperson said. 

The spokesperson did not answer as to the number of cases that have been detected or when the exposure began.

A daily COVID-19 update emailed to media from Interior Health every afternoon did not include The Hamlets on Thursday (Sept. 2) and the spokesperson said the official declaration will likely come Friday morning.

KTW is awaiting a call back from Hamlets general manager Bob Attfield regarding case counts and safety protocols in place at the facility.

This is the second care home to have an outbreak declared in the past week.

Kamloops Seniors Village is dealing with an outbreak in its 1C and 1B complex care units. Seven residents and two staff members have tested positive for COVID-19 at that facility in Aberdeen. One of the nine has also died from the disease.

The first two cases at KVS — which were amongst staff, including one who was fully vaccinated — came to the attention of that facility’s administration on Aug. 19, but Interior Health did not declare an outbreak there until Aug. 27.