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Death reported from latest COVID-19 outbreak at Royal Inland Hospital in Kamloops

This is the fourth such outbreak at RIH since the pandemic began in March 2020
Royal Inland Hospital
Royal Inland Hospital is in downtown Kamloops, at Columbia Street and Third Avenue.

One person at Royal Inland Hospital has died from COVID-19 in the latest outbreak of the virus at the facility this year.

In an emailed update on Monday (Nov. 8), Interior Health said there has been one death connected to the outbreak, which was declared in unit 5 South, a general medical ward that contains all types and ages of patients.

As of Monday, 25 cases have been detected in the outbreak — 19 amongst patients and six amongst staff, according to the health authority. The death involved a patient, though Interior Health said it could not release information on age, vaccination status or whether the person had any co-morbidities.

The outbreak was declared on Nov. 2 with 19 cases and grew by two over the weekend from Friday’s (Nov. 5) reported total of 23 cases.

It is the fourth outbreak at RIH since the onset of the pandemic. Previous outbreaks occurred in units 6 South and 6 North. The first was declared in January and lasted for 31 days. It resulted in 105 cases among 69 staff members and 36 patients. Four patients died.

Twelve cases resulted from the other two outbreaks combined.

Throughout the four outbreaks, Interior Health has maintained it is safe to visit the hospital for regular appointments or emergency room visits.

Meanwhile, an outbreak at Gemstone Care Centre in Brocklehurst care home, declared on Nov. 1, has grown to six cases — four patients and two staff — from an initial two cases.

Another COVID-19 outbreak in Brocklehurst, declared at Overlander Residential Care on Sept. 19, was declared over on Nov. 2. That outbreak claimed five lives and grew to 28 cases — 21 residents and seven staff members.