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Fire damages two mobile homes in Westsyde

There were no injuries in the Feb. 16 blaze, the cause of which is under investigation

Residents have been displaced after a pair of mobile homes in Westmount caught fire on Wednesday morning (Feb. 16).

Manjula Klegg was enjoying a cup of coffee at her home in Warren’s Mobile Home Park at 1720 Westsyde Rd. when she heard a crackling noise. Unsure what it was, she ran next door to find her neighbour’s carport on fire.

“Closer to the house seemed like it was more [of] what was on fire and the vehicle that was right beside our trailer was engulfed in flames and burning from the inside out,” Klegg said.

Klegg said she knew her neighbours, an elderly couple, had likely already left for work that morning and she returned home to evacuate her children as the fire burned.

“The feeling was just to get my children out of there to safety and then assess whatever else we could do,” Klegg said, adding she saw flames stretching above the roof of the carport.

Klegg said she parked her car across the street with her children inside and called one of her two neighbours to tell him his home was on fire and that they needed to return.

“It wasn’t very long after they had left that I had heard some crackling noises,” Klegg said, adding she is not sure if her family will be able to return to their home on Wednesday night.

Her neighbour’s trailer appeared gutted when KTW arrived. Its carport was charred and parts of the interior burned. A vehicle in the driveway also appeared gutted. Klegg’s home next door appeared to have sustained some fire damage to its west-facing siding and to a portion of a fence between the homes.

Kamloops Fire Rescue responded to the blaze shortly after 8 a.m. According to a visitor in the park, firefighters had the flames knocked down within a few minutes.

The fire department responded with four fire engines, a ladder truck, a rescue truck and 11 firefighters who doused the blaze, which was smouldering by about 8:30 a.m. RCMP and paramedics were also on scene, along with victim services personnel.

KFR assistant chief Ryan Cail told KTW at the scene that no one was injured in the fire and nobody had to be extracted from the trailers as everyone was out when firefighters arrived.

Cail said a fire investigator was en route to assess the damage and, hopefully, determine the cause of the fire.

“By the extent of the smoke and fire showing, I would say there’s a great deal of damage to the interior of both residences,” Cail said.