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Highway 1 reopens through Fraser Canyon

The route was closed for approximately 70 days following extreme weather events in November 2021
A view of the temporary bridge installed at Jackass Mountain, a critical part of the restoration of Highway 1 through the Fraser Canyon.

Highway 1 through the Fraser Canyon has now reopened following lengthy closures due to weather-related flooding and landslides in November 2021.

The road officially reopened at noon on Monday, Jan. 24.

B.C. Transportation Minister Rob Fleming called the work to get the highway reopened "nothing short of remarkable."

Some temporary measures remain and repairs are ongoing. Drivers should expect delays of up to two hours, or more, due to sections including two bridges with alternating single-lane traffic and an at-grade rail crossing.

The restored roadway includes an 80-metre temporary bridge installed at Jackass Mountain. The bridge was installed in an avalanche zone and a pilot vehicle is required to guide traffic through a four-kilometre section.

Although wide loads and commercial traffic will be allowed along the route, loads will be limited to 25 metres in length until the bridge at Nicomen River is completed.

"The avalanche risk in the Fraser Canyon is also high this year. Drivers can expect closures on short notice for avalanche control and cleanup," reads the reopening announcement provided by the provincial government.