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KTW Christmas Cheer Fund: For the Pastoors, it's all about faith

Nolan Pastoor and wife Lindsay have donated $1,500 on behalf of Nolan Pastoor Personal Real Estate

Charities being 
supported this year: 
Y Women’s Emergency Shelter, Kamloops Brain Injury Association, Chris Rose Therapy Centre for Autism and Kamloops Therapeutic Riding Association. To donate, go online to Donations are accepted online thanks to a partnership with the BC Interior Community Foundation. Donations can also be dropped off at the KTW office, at 1365B Dalhousie Dr. Office hours are 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. weekdays. Cheques should be made out to the BC Interior Community Foundation.

This year has been taxing, with the ongoing opioid overdose crisis, the pandemic, the heat dome, wildfires and atmospheric rivers creating widespead devastation.

“It’s starting to slow down now,” Nolan Pastoor said. “It’s been a pretty crazy year.”

Pastoor said he views the KTW Christmas Cheer Fund — and its previous incarnation at the Kamloops Daily News — as an opportunity to give back to the community.

Pastoor and wife Lindsay have donated $1,500 on behalf of Nolan Pastoor Personal Real Estate. Seeking new ways to show appreciation for his clients during the Christmas season, the couple re-evaluated gifting chocolates to clients. Instead, they put that money, in addition to some of their own, into a donation to the KTW Christmas Cheer Fund.

“It’s important to thank people that support my business, but I looked at the money I spent and thought, ‘Can we be doing something more worthwhile with this?’” Pastoor said.

“We’ve been blessed,” Pastoor said. “There are a lot of people that have faced job losses or hours cut back ... a lot of people are struggling.”

Pastoor noted he and Lindsay are fortunate.

“For my wife and I, our business has still continued to go along and it’s been another good year. We’re thankful that we have this, that we can give,” he said.

Pastoor said it all comes back to their faith.

“We’re Bible-believing Christians and we believe the word of God,” Pastoor said. “He makes it clear in scripture, in the early chapters of Acts, that the church is supposed to live in community.”

Pastoor said loving one’s neighbours and seeking to follow God’s command to put others before himself is what he strives to do in his home and business life.

“People were selling their possessions to look after the widows and the orphans and that’s what we just seek to follow,” he said. “If we have more than what we need to live, we need to make sure that we share with others who have need. That’s where it comes from for us — loving our neighbours.”


VW Turtle Race: $11,000

Tim Shoults: $50

Greg Harris: $25

Nel Sarrasin: $50

Ron & Susan Durant: $100

Dianne Jackson: $50

Anna Evenrude: $50

Willa Dale: $50

Anonymous: 100

John & Val Kemp: $100

Cal & Pat Moulton: $100

Darren, Sharlene & Kyle McIlwain: $158

Anonymous: 50

Darla Flett, in memory of Cheroo Beanut: $50

Anonymous: $100

Kathy Kendall: $200

Gerald & Wendy Patrick, in memory of Kelly Patrick: $100

Jo-Mary & Bob Hunter: $200

Susan Peachey: $50

Gwen Mackinder, in memory of friend Sophia: $50

Sharon Langland, in memory of Sharon & David Frampton: $100

Kamloops Old Time Fiddlers: $100

Bryan White: $100

Vic & Sally Mowbray: $100

Anonymous: $200

Rachel Andrews: 50

Ken & Marylyne House: $100

Simone Werstiuk, in memory of Carmen Werstiuk: $100

Lynne Totten: $100

Don & Debby Erickson: $100

Gary Miller: $100

Brian & Kathy Andriashyk, in memory of Verna Wasylnka: $100

M&W Bronken: $100

Johanna Walters: $25

Rick Bennett: $25

Anna Barton: $50

Lois McAlary, in memory of Sarah McAlary: $150

Sandie & Louise, in memory of Mom, Ross & Carole: $100

Lovely Ladies of the Lake: $200

Wayne & Twink Murphy: $50

Bea Smith: $50

Terry & Doreen Monson: $100

Linda Jackson, in memory of George Wilmot: $100

Norm & Susan McGowan, in memory of Jack Buckham: $100

In memory of Dave & Sandy: $100

Harriett Chave: 100

Sharon Moore, in memory of Tom Moore: $75

Marie & Norio Sakaki: $100

Mavis Paravantes, in memory of Rita Mikuse: $100

M. Colleen Stainton: $200

Anonymous: $300

Anonymous: $100

Anonymous: $25

Anonymous: $100

Anonymous: $500

Abstract Registry: $500

Anonymous: $100

Barbara Sterritt: $100

Phil & Cathy Holman: $100

Spencer & Janet Bryson: $200

Sandra Blakely, in memory of Douglas Blakely: $100

Pat $ Dave McDonald: $100

Eric & Maggie Shishido & Knox, in memory of Mom, Dad, Terry & Dad: $100

Nolan Pastoor Personal Real Estate Corporation: $1,500

James Doan: $1,000

Catherine Masters: $100

Muriel Botham: $100

Sharon Cooley, in memory of Ruth Cooley: $50

John D. & Gail Cameron: $300

The Hausers, in memory of Sam & Dad: $100

Shirley Fish: $50

Carol Armstrong: $100

Naomi & son James Geczi, in memory of David Geczi, son: $25

Naomi Geczi, in memory of Mary Bullard: $25

Anonymous: $75

Darko & Allison Filipic: $100

Sally & Bill Jennejohn: $100

A&G Morrissette: $100

Evan & Wendy Lichlyter: $200

Anonymous: $500

Jaime Hunter: $50

Sandra Dever, in memory of Pat Swaine & Chris Swaine: $50

Brian & Donna McMillan: $100

Dean & Debbie Nicholson: $250

Anne Laroche: $100

Ed & Dianne Barker: $200

Anita Shields: $25

Terry & Richard Taylor: $100

Tanya Giles: $25

Marilyn Giesbrecht: $200

Taya Berkhout: $500

Debra McNichol: $50

Teri Young: $250

Jacques Lam: $50

Jerry Neigel: $200

David Whitson: $100

Bev & Cary Laing: $200

In memory of Peter Howard & Harold Bedard: $200

Melrose & Bill Scott: $100

Hank & Eileen Hackett: $50

Elaine & David Sedgman: $100

Abacus Gardening & Landscaping, in memory of loved ones: $500

Anonymous: $100

Nadia Olafson: $50

Greg Marshall & Aileen Murphy: $100

Anonymous: $25

Anonymous: $75

Evelyn Meyer: $80

Anonymous: $50

Margaret Sandulak: $100

Margaret Stewart: $100

Jean Tash, in memory of Stan & Jack Tash: $50

Patricia Hansen: $100

Rina Wells: $50

Hanes family, in memory of Brett & Bob: $200

Kathleen & Donald Gienow: $50

Leah Wilk: $50

Colman & Teresa Byrne, in memory of Agnes Byrne Ireland: $200

Ken & Sylvia Grafton: $50

Marg & Terry Bangen: $200

Judy Wiebe: $100

Amanda Fenrich: $100

Preceptor Delta Beta Sigma Phi: $100

C. Carroll, in memory of Susan Brewer: $50

In memory of our parents, Tom & Gloria Stout and Muriel & Norman Cooper: $100

Anonymous: $25

Amy Regan: $100

The Posse: $100

Jody Dobroshinsky: $100

bea Prehara: $50

Total as of Dec. 8: $28,263