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Police share 'street proofing' tips for back-to-school

As kids prepare to go back to school throughout Kamloops on Tuesday (Sept.
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As kids prepare to go back to school throughout Kamloops on Tuesday (Sept.7) local Mounties are encouraging parents to talk with their children about basic safety principles on what to do if they are approached by a stranger en route to or from school.

The RCMP advises children and youth partner up when walking or playing away from the home, and avoid conversations with said strangers, Cpl. Dana Napier of the Kamloops RCMP crime prevention unit said in a release.

“If approached, children should keep their distance and seek the help of a trusted adult they know,” she said. “Children should be given the confidence to say ‘no’ to adults if they are requesting their help, offering gifts, or wanting to play a game.”

Napier added if a person tries to grab a child, the child should yell, scream, make as much noise as possible, and try to run away. By creating a disturbance, a person’s attention can be drawn to the situation. Children are also encouraged to yell out, “Help, this is not my parent!”

The Kamloops RCMP also advises ensuring children know their home address and phone number, that they sit near the bus driver on public transit, stay ‘unplugged’ from their electronic devices and aware of their surroundings and that parents establish a ode word for the family to identify a safe person in emergencies.