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Scammers in Kamloops remain busy

Do not fall for the recent ruse of someone asking for money to help a loved one in legal trouble
scam alert

The Kamloops RCMP has received multiple reports of fraud in the city.

Police say scammers are posing as either legal counsel or as friends of the victim’s family members, claiming they need money to pay for bail or legal fees.

“While scam phone calls have, unfortunately, become very common, the crimes committed today are particularly concerning as the offenders are attempting to make arrangements to meet with the victims personally,” Sgt. Kevin McIntyre said.

“We would like the public to understand the bail process in Canada is very different than what is portrayed on American television, which would never involve meeting a stranger in a parking lot or restaurant. It is important to never give out personal information or your home address.”

The Law Society of British Columbia maintains a lawyer directory to confirm active lawyers in the province and the Kamloops RCMP can help anyone who may be concerned that their loved ones have been taken into custody.

Police are investigating the scams. Anyone with information is asked to call Kamloops RCMP at 250-828-3000.