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Local News

SPCA needs more PALS

The Kamloops SPCA badly needs some PALs.

Avoid pet checkups

More than 40 per cent of cat and dog visits to veterinary clinics relate to eye and ear problems.

Firefighting staff OK: Transport Canada

Transport Canada has backed off on its insistence locally owned airports have on-site fire protection.

brief storm slows city

Mother Nature sure has a knack of playing nasty tricks at times.

When tough times hit, it's wise to invest

Throughout history, investors have said, "I don't want to invest my money now because ..."

106 find jobs

Theresa Brooks wants businesses in Kamloops to know Training Works.

Trusts help avoid probate

For years, seniors have been looking for a safe vehicle for bypassing probate and probate fees in B.C., which are the second highest in Canada and do not have any upper limit.

Suspensions follow fight

Kamloops RCMP are investigating a fight at Brocklehurst Secondary School which shocked students and teachers.

Provincial grant kickstarts Wildhorse

The first step towards a multimillion-dollar industry was taken Friday.

Taxi company cuts drivers' pay but reinstated following day

A local taxi company, desperate to offset high propane prices, cut drivers' commissions Thursday, only to reinstate them the next day.