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Local News

British motoring comes to Kamloops

More than 30 British sports cars will converge on UCC campus Sept. 15 for the first annual British Road Rally/Car Show.

Restaurants seek training wages

Here's a tip for the provincial government.

Colour them caring

Nine-year-old Kelly Archibald dyed his hair bright red yesterday to make it possible for other children to go to Disneyland like he did.

Sun Peaks offers riding adventure

Andrea Hall could think of no better way to spend her first wedding anniversary than to go horseback riding at Sun Peaks Resort.

Casino strike settled

Lake City Casinos employees in Kamloops have ratified a first contract and will head back to work.

Dancing in the streets

More than 2,000 youths will flood downtown for the annual Masquerade/Street Dance on Sept. 15.

Online researching

You do not need to buy online in order to use the Internet to assist you in becoming a better shopper.

Protesters in court

Two native protesters from the recent road blockade at Sun Peaks Resort are in court today to deal with conditions placed on them.

Jail term for Billy

Todd Stuart Billy, charged with dangerous operation of a motor vehicle causing death after an Aug. 14 accident which killed 24-year-old Gerri Thomas of Chase, has been jailed for other driving offenses which occurred before the fatal accident.

Make rates work for you

Experts can offer you predictions on whether they expect interest rates to rise or fall.