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Building for the world

For 20 years, Nelson Riis represented Kamloops in the House of Commons. Today, he's helping build houses for the world. The former MP is now president of Canadian Rockport Homes International. "We've checked with Canadian embassies.

Law requires negative vote

Some downtown property owners may not like a negative-billing style of voting, but it's required by law. Coun.

What price an outhouse?

It was a scene of barely controlled chaos Wednesday morning at Henry Grube Education Centre.

More downtime at Weyerhaeuser

A resolution to the softwood war with the United States would help, but it wouldn't guarantee the end of temporary mill shutdowns, a Weyerhaeuser official says.

DBA plans ready

In Arnie Kidner's vision, 400,000 new consumers will flock to the downtown area next year.

Home building block by block

Building homes is getting more and more like child's play for Al Norgaard.

Nothing magical exists in today's stock market

If you believed everything you heard, the stock market would be a magical place where double-digit returns are just waiting for you.

Andre's opens store

A store with national buying power, coupled with small town service.

B400: Mazda's top sport truck

With a manufacturing history which dates back to 1920 and a Canadian tradition which began in 1968, Mazda qualifies both as one of the oldest, most venerable of the many Japanese car companies and as one of the first to have a major impact on the imp

Searching for some help

For the past 24 years, Kamloops Search and Rescue has been there to help when someone goes missing.