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Local News

$50,000 damage in dorm fire

Two University College of the Cariboo students lost much of their belongings, including a pet goldfish, to fire late Wednesday.

Models galore at mini-air show

Visitors to Morrison Ranch may notice radio-controlled miniature airplanes flying over their heads next weekend.

Native cash quiet

The Native Youth Movement may have to turn from protesting to fund-raising if the ongoing dispute at Sun Peaks Resort continues much longer.

Jury must decide Dan Ackland's fate

The fate of Daniel Ackland could be decided as early as tonight.

Arson in pub fire

A fire which destroyed the Brock Pub on Monday morning was the result of arson.

Natives suspect fire caused by Sun Peaks supporters

A native leader says "Sun Peaks expansion supporters" are responsible for burning down a Secwepemc log cabin on Saturday.

Internationalist among us

Ivan Somlai thinks doing good is a competitive business.

Weyerhaeuser slows down

Weyerhaeuser's Kamloops Pulp Mill is performing a balancing act with market conditions which will result in further downtime.

David Paul sets legal precedent

At 39, Kamloops lawyer David Paul is breaking some rare ground for Interior lawyers.

Competition drives gas prices down

A war is being waged around Kamloops and it's one most drivers will be happy to see.