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Lawyers abandon legal-aid system

More Kamloops lawyers are turning their backs on the legal-aid system, angry over a provincial government tax grab.

Letters, numbers on sidewalls have meant to performance

Leading tire manufacturer Goodyear wants motorists to do more reading - and its not talking about the latest Robert Ludlum or Margaret Atwood novel.

Work bottom-up and plan finances now

In our last two issues, we discussed the importance of developing a solid plan and then building on it by covering the basics - starting with non-controllable events.

Artists aren't vandals

The anti-graffiti forces may still work out of City Hall this year but it will be more of a community-based effort.

Good news and bad news for technology industry

You have no doubt heard the expression "I have some good news and some bad news" used in conjunction with some really bad jokes.

Water tour increases awareness

Water quality was subject of a public debate Thursday night with about 50 residents turning out.

Proposed water protection plan needs to keep cows from creeks

A proposed provincial drinking-water protection plan needs teeth.

Mechanics need facts to estimate job cost

However well your car, van or pickup runs, there'll come a time sooner or later when it's performance falls off a little or some other mechanical problem crops up.

Lighter and dog save lost skier

Even Luke Grabove knows being a smoker likely saved his life early Thursday morning.

Illegal fish found in local lakes

The appearance of yellow perch and smallmouth bass in local lakes is no accident and environment officials would like to know who did it.