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Patrollers clear way for skiers to be safe

Ski patrollers at Sun Peaks Resort have one basic job, keeping everyone sliding down the slopes safe.

Corporations can ski and snowboard to help hospitals

Have you ever considered putting together a team of co-workers to participate in a fun event and raise money for a good cause?

Union backs asking questions about water

There's nothing wrong with getting more information about water treatment plants, says the president of the union representing city workers.

Sun Peaks says Snowjob a go

Despite repeated calls from area natives to cancel MuchMusic's Snowjob concert series slated for March, Sun Peaks officials say the festival will go ahead as planned.

Elantra: Hyundai's compact sedan

Although the Korean corporation known as Hyundai is only about 30 years old, it has quickly grown into one of the largest, most diversified conglomerates in the world.

Partnership gets grant as cultural research key

Kamloops has a strong history of supporting arts and culture.

Teaching ADD/ADHD students requires system changes

Students with attention deficit disorder (ADD) probably don't need Ritalin, says Steven Plog.

Women's Institute celebrates success

When Adelaide Hoodless got mad about her son's death from drinking unpasteurized milk, she could never have known she was starting a movement which today has standing with the United Nations.

Lawyers abandon legal-aid system

More Kamloops lawyers are turning their backs on the legal-aid system, angry over a provincial government tax grab.

Letters, numbers on sidewalls have meant to performance

Leading tire manufacturer Goodyear wants motorists to do more reading - and its not talking about the latest Robert Ludlum or Margaret Atwood novel.