A call for more edible landscaping in Kamloops

Edible plants, including strawberries, have been used in Riverside Park and in front of city hall

Should the Marigold Mile become the Kale Kilometre?

A former city councillor wants more edible landscaping in Kamloops. Among his so-called ghost motions — filed during his last days as a councillor following his defeat in last fall’s civic election — Donovan Cavers called for five per cent of landscape planting beds be edible ornamentals, such as fruit trees, berry bushes, herbs or gourds.

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“Plants provide food,” Cavers told KTW. “You have a lot of people that could use nutrition. If it’s done well and there’s proper signage so people know when stuff is ripe to take and what not, why not do it? There’s a lot of communities all around North America that are experimenting with food forests. Why can’t we?”

During his first term on council, Cavers said, there was a “big push” for community gardens and public produce gardens.

However, he added, no policy was put into place requiring horticulture staff to include edible plants. His concern is that when staff changes, the sentiment would be lost.

Edible plants, including strawberries, have been used in Riverside Park and in front of city hall, but Cavers noted it is “very, very limited.” Cabbage and kale have been used in other communities. Sorrento has multi-tiered edible gardens by the water.

“There’s a lot of edible plants that look quite nice,” Cavers said, noting the importance of food security and urban agriculture as a tool for education in prominent city spaces.

Because Cavers is no longer a city councillor, the current council will need to move the motion before any changes can be made. Cavers filed 11 notices of motions during his final council meeting, which will appear on council agendas through October.

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