Bike to Work prize recovered after appeal for help

Aaron Wiebe's new Trek Marlin 5 has been found and returned to him, but still missing is a second bike that was stolen — a much more expensive ride with an MEC-branded saddle

Kamloops Bike to Work Week draw winner Aaron Wiebe has been reunited with his ride.

His brand new Trek Marlin 5 mountain bike is a little worse for wear — with a flat tire and damage to the front — but he said it feels good to get it back.

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Wiebe credits the recovery to members of the Stolen Bikes Kamloops Facebook group and the Kamloops RCMP.

Wiebe won the bike and had his photo taken by KTW at an awards ceremony at city hall last week.

Five days later, on Sunday, June 22, his bike, and that of a friend, was stolen from his Brocklehurst home.

KTW published a story on the theft online and in the print edition of June 26, the very day the bike was recovered.

“Someone spotted my bike at the North Shore Safeway. As soon as someone saw the bike, they put a lock on it when it was unattended and then called the RCMP,” Wiebe said.

Wiebe said he wants to thank Tracy Parker-Belrose, an administrator of the Facebook group who put the word out about his stolen wheels.

But the other bike, one he was borrowing and worth substantially more than the $669 Trek that was recovered, is still missing.

That bike is black and grey with red highlights and an MEC-branded saddle.

For now, Wiebe has initiated a claim using his home insurance and will go that route if the bike is not found.

“It’s a bit of a wake-up call,” he said.

Wiebe’s advice after this ordeal is to register your bike with 529 Garage before it is stolen, which will help police in recovering the bike and help prove ownership.

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