Canada 150 Quiz answers: So, you think you know Canada?

KTW presented this quiz in our special Canada 150 publication, which was delivered with Friday's edition of the newspaper. The quiz also appeared online. Winners have been notified. For all who entered, here are the questions and answers.

Deadline for entries was Canada Day at noon. Here are the questions with answers:

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1. An anagram of the word "Canada" is the nickname of a well-known sports team. Name the team (city and nickname) and the sport it plays.


2. The flags of England and France have flown over Canada, as has the flag of one other European country, from 1789 to 1795. Name the country.


3. In what Canadian city would you find an official UFO landing pad?


4. What year was the Trans-Canada Highway finally completed?

A: 1971.

5. What Native language is the name "Canada" derived from?

A: Iroquoian.

6. Three prime ministers have performed the Grey Cup ceremonial kickoff. Name them and the years in which they booted the ball.

A: John Diefenbaker in 1959, Lester Pearson in 1964 and Pierre Trudeau in 1968.

7. Name the first status Indian to be elected to Parliament and the city he represented.


8. What is the highest mountain in Canada?

A: Mount Logan in Yukon.

9. In what year did O Canada officially become the country's national anthem?

A: 1980

10. The Great Lakes contain what percentage of the world's fresh lake water?


11. When did First Nations get the vote in Canada?

A: 1960.

12. How many time zones are in Canada?

A: Six.

13. What province has the largest population of aboriginal people in Canada?

A: Ontario.

14. If you are standing in Richard's Harbour, Newfoundland/Labrador and travel directly south, which country's territory will you first encounter?

A: France (islands of St. Pierre and Miquelon).

15. Who was Canada's longest-serving prime minister?

A: William Lyon Mackenzie King (21 years).

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