City of Kamloops argues it does not create biosolids regulations

But opponents of the city’s contract to spread sewage sludge in Turtle Valley say a greener solution is needed

Following the April 27 biosolids protest in front of Kamloops City Hall, the city has issued an online statement to clarify its position.

“The vast majority of concerns we have heard are from those who oppose the beneficial reuse of biosolids and would like to see revised OMRR (organic matter recycling regulations) regulations,” the statement reads.

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“The City of Kamloops does not oversee the OMRR and cannot speak to the concerns with that regulation. The City of Kamloops remains committed to adhering to all applicable legislation that governs the beneficial reuse of biosolids.”

Turtle Valley resident Connie Seaward noted biosolids, also known as treated sewage sludge, are in fact coming from the city’s treatment facility, arguing all who flush are to blame.

She added it was the city that signed a contract to truck biosolids to the Turtle Valley after residents in Kamloops opposed land application in city limits.

“It’s their treatment facility and they should have a greener response,” Seaward said.

Furthermore, the city states it has engaged with people via its Let’s Talk website, responded to public inquiries, visited Turtle Valley residents and provided the Turtle Valley Community Association with a tour of the wastewater treatment centre.

The city maintains projects similar to the one in the Turtle Valley occur throughout the province and across the country “with great success” and hopes to avoid misinformation.

Meanwhile, protestors continue to block access of Arrow trucks near the Turtle Valley Bison Company, where the plan continues to be to apply biosolids to reclaim about 21 hectares of previously logged land. Arrow is fighting for an injunction in court in Vancouver.

The city continues to work on a way in which to manage its biosolids long-term. A working group has been analyzing options and a staff report will come to council at the end of May.

The city’s full statement can be read online.

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