Dash erases slash in Kamloops-Thompson school district

An order-in-council approved by the lieutenant governor in November has given School District 73 an official new name.

SD73 is now legally named the Kamloops-Thompson School District, replacing its former moniker of Kamloops/Thompson.

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The school district endeavoured to have its name officially changed as the dash was more encompassing than the slash.

According to district secretary-treasurer Kelvin Stretch, the difference between a slash and a dash is the difference between “either-or” and “and.”

He said the school district wants to be inclusive and embrace the “and.”

“According to the rules of grammar, and the public’s general understanding, a slash is generally used to denote an ‘either-or’ circumstance,” Stretch wrote in a report to trustees.

“Clearly, the ‘Kamloops-Thompson’ in the district’s name is meant to refer to a region that encompasses both the Kamloops and Thompson areas.”

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