Dog owners advised to watch their pets on walks

A person walking their canine companion noticed the pet had a piece of twine with metal clasps and meat on each end in her mouth, finding it in the grass off the sidewalk on Pacific Way and Hillside Drive outside the Brigadoon townhouse complex, across from Duffy’s Pub.


A strange occurrence in the Dufferin area has a dog owner warning others to be cautious.

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Marilyn Brown was walking her pet home to the Brigadoon townhouse complex along the sidewalk of Pacific Way across from Duffy’s Pub the morning of June 7 when she noticed her canine companion was carrying a piece of green twine with metal clasps holding meat at each end.

The 16-year-old cocker spaniel shih tzu mix named Missy had been walking in the grass off the sidewalk beside Brown who looked away for a second before noticing her pet had the object dangling from her mouth.

"I just grabbed it and did the finger swipe in the mouth," Brown told KTW.

She said the metal appeared to be about a half-inch aluminium rod that had been bent to clamp down on what appeared to be meat.

Brown believes the device was made and placed with the deliberate intention to harm an animal — possibly a coyote and not necessarily a pet — given its make up and location in the grass.

I just can't see what kind of accidental act could result in something like that being left in a very public area where lots of dog walkers go by," Brown said.

She phoned her veterinarian immediately, but Missy did not fall ill and is doing fine a week later.

Brown also ended up calling the RCMP, which confirmed to KTW it received a report at about 8 a.m. on June 7.

Const. Crystal Evelyn said there was no surveillance footage obtained from the area or witnesses, but so far police have received just the lone report.

She asked that anyone who may come across a similar item report it to police in order to determine if this is an ongoing issue or an isolated incident.

“In the meantime, if you’re walking your dog anywhere in Kamloops, it’s always a good idea to keep an eye open to make sure your pet isn’t grabbing anything on the ground that isn’t good for them,” Evelyn said.

The incident was a close call, Brown said, noting that if she didn’t notice the item her dog would have swallowed it and, given her age, wouldn't have survived the surgery required to remove it from her intestine.

"I was lucky that I noticed it," Brown said, noting the thought of the incident still upsets her a week later.

She warned other dog walkers and asked a Strata council member to issue a warning for residents of her townhome complex. Meanwhile a neighbour who is involved in a local Facebook group for dog owners got a photo and the word out via social media.

Brown continues to take Missy for her daily walks and, while she hasn't been hesitant, makes sure to keep her eyes open for any other nefarious objects, which she hasn’t come across since.

—This story has been updated with comment from dog owner Marilyn Brown and corrected from an earlier version that stated the object had metal barbs fastened to it. In fact, it had metal clasps, according to Brown.

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