Eight candidates for Kamloops on finalized list from Elections BC

A complete list of candidates has been published by Elections B.C.

The list includes five candidates in the Kamloops-North Thompson electoral district and three candidates in the Kamloops-South Thompson.

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Kamloops-North Thompson

Peter Milobar is the incumbent candidate for the B.C. Liberals, picking up his seat in 2017. Prior to that, Milobar served as the city's mayor since 2008.

Sadie Hunter, a Kamloops city councillor, has raised the banner for the NDP. Hunter was elected to council in 2018.

Thomas Martin is the Kamloops-North Thompson candidate for the B.C. Green Party. Martin has a background in wildfire-related forestry projects and was born and raised in Vancouver.

Brandon Russell is running independently. The 19-year-old candidate from Kamloops wants to ensure younger voices are represented in the legislature.

Dennis Giesbrecht will represent the Conservative party. His platform points include scrapping B.C.'s carbon tax, privatizing car insurance, further resource development and a tax-free environmental plan. Giesbrecht previously ran for city council in 2018.

Kamloops-South Thompson

Todd Stone is the incumbent candidate in the Kamloops-South Thompson. He was first took office in 2013, succeeding Kevin Krueger. He served as Minister of Transport and Infrastructure under the B.C. Liberal government.

Dan Hines is running with the B.C. Green Party. Hines previously sought office in the Kamloops-North Thompson in 2017 and received 20 per cent of the vote. Hines works in international leadership and is an Anglican priest.

Anna Thomas is running for the B.C. NDP, and says she brings a passion for social justice and activism. The member of the Lytton and Peguis First Nations is also president of the BC Native Women's Association.

Across B.C.

Province-wide, there are 332 candidates in all, including 87 each for the B.C. Liberal Party and the B.C. NDP. The B.C. Green Party has 74 running, there are 25 Libertarian Candidates and 19 Conservative candidates. Other parties running candidates include the Communist Party of B.C. (5), the Christian Heritage Party of B.C. (5), the B.C. Vision party (3), Wexit B.C. (2) and the Rural B.C. Party (1). Another 24 candidates are running independently.

Election Day is on Oct. 24, with advance voting taking place from Oct. 15 to Oct. 21.

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