The election issues, according to Kamloops voters

As the candidates continue door-knocking for your vote, KTW ventured downtown and to the North Shore to ask a few people what issue is most concerning to them on the eve of the official campaign

As summer prepares to fade into fall, the federal election campaign will come into sharper focus.

As the candidates continue door-knocking for your vote, KTW ventured downtown and to the North Shore to ask a few people what issue is most concerning to them on the eve of the official campaign.

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I would like to see more done for the senior citizens. There’s always things for other people, but for the seniors, they forget we exist or else all they talk about is how much money we cost the health board.

There’s nothing really very positive said about the seniors and I would like to see that changed.

Whatever party gets in, I feel it’s their duty to the seniors. We all make this country what it is and are we the forgotten bunch because we’re older now?

I’d like an answer to that.


It’s the guns that we’re all worried about.

I watched Global News the other day and they’re making bulletproof hoodies and backpacks for the kids and you and me growing up, we didn’t have to worry about that crap.

We moved to Kamloops when I was five, so that was 1969, and we never locked our doors. And now you’ve got to be careful where you’re camping, you’ve got to be careful who you get help with on the side of the road.

I wish it was way back in the ‘70s and ‘80s for my grandkids to grow up because I’m terrified for them.

They live in Nelson.

My daughter thinks they’re safe, but you’re not safe anywhere.

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Even though it’s pretty far in the future, my son’s education, post-secondary, is a huge thing.

I went through student loans and all that kind of stuff and it’s not fun, so just making the future better for him and not being stuck in life.


I’d have to say the mass immigration idea, that we’re going to bring in people from a country who believe in polygamy, believe in child brides, honour killings.

Now I understand under immigration, if you do it properly, and you do it selectively, it’s not a problem because people want to come here, want to assimilate into this wonderful way of life.

But when you bring in mass immigration of people who don’t want to be here, who don’t value our ideas or thoughts, huge mistake, and ultimately it’s going to bring Trudeau down, it’s going to bring this government down and everybody that’s connected around it.

And if it doesn’t, and it does go through, 20 years from now, we’re going to have a social collapse due to the people that have come here who have out-bred us and have destroyed our way of life.

And if that’s one way to bring down house prices, I get it, but that’s not a good idea for the people who do live here.


I suppose the most important issue for me is the economy.

While Canada’s doing fairly well, I guess B.C.’s doing fairly well, [but] I think we’re making some choices at the federal level that are going to preclude continued prosperity, mostly around the energy sector, so I’m quite concerned about the positions taken by the federal government about the energy sector.

Just that it seems to be as we try to pursue certain environmental goals, we’re forgetting the fundamentals of our economy — and that is energy, and energy is important to us all.

And it’s important for pushing back on poverty and things like that. To the extent that the government isn’t giving enough room for the energy sector to continue its work and move our products to other markets, whether it’s movement of oil around Canada and out of Canada, that’s a pretty major concern for me.


I think that unless we address the environmental issues in a way that will tackle the growing threat of climate change, that the rest of it all will be the least of our worries in 10 years’ time.

Renewable energy sources are out there. We can take notes from Switzerland, which is the number-one country when it comes to environmental sustainability.

Canada ranks 25th in the EPI (Environmental Performance Index).

We can do better.

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