Friend of accused in Kamloops manslaughter trial said he tried to defuse situation

Sean Dunn was beaten to death on Dec. 30, 2016. James David Bond is standing trial in B.C. Supreme Court in Kamloops.

An eyewitness to a fatal 2016 beating on a North Kamloops street has described to jurors a violent attack following a night of celebratory drinking.

Sean Dunn, 42, was killed during an altercation on Wood Street near Tranquille Road in the early-morning hours of Dec. 30, 2016. James David Bond, 30, is standing trial in B.C. Supreme Court in Kamloops for manslaughter.

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Court has heard Dunn and Bond were among a group of people drinking at the Duchess on Tranquille Road in the hours leading up to Dunn’s death. 

Jurors have been told Dunn was bothering Bond’s girlfriend in the bar and was later persistent in asking the couple and their friends to continue partying after the Duchess closed.

Dustan Pendrak was a friend of Bond’s who was visiting Kamloops on the night Dunn was killed. Pendrak was returning home to Alberta the following day and the men decided to go out as something of a send-off.

Pendrak said he was “trying to defuse” the situation as Bond wanted to fight Dunn.

“From what I remember, James had a problem with him. I think he wanted to settle it like that,” Pendrak said.

“James wanted to fight him.”

Sean Dunn
Sean Dunn was 42 when he was beaten to death on Dec. 30, 2016.

Pendrak described Dunn as “very friendly” and said he did not appear to want any part in a fight. Pendrak said he told Bond to calm down.

“I recall, I don’t know when, but I recall saying, ‘Dude, just drop it — he doesn’t mean any harm’ kind of deal,” Pendrak said. “He was just being stubborn about it. … He seemed pretty certain on it.”

After the bar closed, court has heard, Dunn crossed Tranquille Road with Pendrak. Bond and his girlfriend followed moments later.

Pendrak, who conceded he was intoxicated when the incident took place, said he was walking ahead of the group along Wood Street when he heard a commotion and looked behind him.

“When I turned around, Sean was on the ground. James was on top of him and he hit him a couple times,” Pendrak said, noting he did not see who threw the first punch.

“The most vivid memory that I have is that initial second right there, when I turned around and saw James on top of him. That’s when things got really serious.”

Pendrak said Bond was above Dunn, “feeding him shots.” He described Dunn as lying on the sidewalk with his arms sprawled, “starfished.”

“He was laying flat on his back on the sidewalk,” he said. “James was over top of him, hitting him.”

Pendrak lay on the floor in the courtroom to show jurors Dunn’s positioning. He then knelt on the ground and demonstrated Bond’s actions.

“I immediately came and pulled James off of him,” Pendrak said. “I just kind of expressed anger and frustration. Like what did you just do to this guy? He was hitting him and I don’t think there was any justification for it.”

Jurors have been told Bond and his girlfriend then fled the scene. 

Pendrak said he called 911 and stayed with Dunn until emergency crews arrived. He said he tried to perform CPR, but was too intoxicated to do so. 

“Then I kind of sat him up and his head just dropped,” Pendrak said. 

“He was completely unresponsive and some blood came out of his mouth onto my sleeve. I just laid him back down. I put my hand behind his neck and set him down as gently as I could because I didn’t want to hurt him any more.”

Bond’s trial is expected to conclude next week.

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