Hose mistaken for gun leads to arrest, release

A hose mistaken for a gun was the reason for a heavy police response to the intersection of Richmond Avenue and Eighth Street on Sunday.

At least three police vehicles flooded the northbound lanes of the intersection where officers arrested a man at gunpoint — two holding handguns and another with a rifle — according to a witness to the arrest.

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RCMP Cpl. Jodi Shelkie confirmed police responded to the intersection with weapons drawn in response to the call.

“A person called in saying that a man was carrying a handgun and he was coming out of Canadian Tire and they could see that it was a handgun in his hand,” Shelkie said, adding the caller went on to say the man put the reported weapon in his pocket.

The man arrested, who was walking along the sidewalk in front of 7-Eleven, dropped what appeared to be a bag he was carrying and raised his hands to comply with police, according to the witness.

What was believed to be a firearm, however, turned out to be a piece of tubing from a vehicle, so the man was released by police, Shelkie told KTW.

She said the man was taken down at gunpoint because he was believed to be carrying a firearm.

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