Improvements planned for Riverside Park

Kamloops is in the early stages of planning a series of improvements to Riverside Park.

City parks manager Jeff Putnam said the improvements are in the concept stage — with discussion unlikely to hit council chambers until summer 2019 — for flood-risk mitigation, accessibility improvements and inclusion of food trucks.

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“The park has been flooded three of the last five years,” Putnam said. “So we’re trying to upgrade the park to bring pathways a little bit higher so we don’t have to shut down paths during the summertime. Part of that process, we want to make it more food-truck friendly, so we’d have parking for food trucks and that sort of thing.”

The main driver for the project would be flood-risk mitigation — bank stability and raising pathways above the 200-year floodplain level — but would likely also include widening of paths to accommodate wheelchairs, walkers and bikers and improved lighting to help create more walkable areas in the park.

A food and drink concession that has been in the park for approximately 40 years may also be removed.

“It’s not in a very good location,” Putnam told KTW.

Civic operations director Jen Fretz called the Riverside Park improvements a “fairly significant project” with many pieces, potentially even including the proposed refrigerated outdoor skating rink.

“We’re talking about flood protection, we’re talking about potentially the outdoor skating rink and different re-arrangements or arrangements for food trucks and bank stability. All of those sorts of things,” she said.

“So it’s a fairly large project, all just concept right now. Whether we’d be ready to council sort of June of 2019 to discuss it or it would be supplemental for 2020, I’m not sure.”

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