Kamloops bids adieu to the fifth-coldest February on record

The cold snap has continued into March, but the mercury is expected to rise soon

February 2019 will go down as the city’s fifth-coldest February on record.

With an average temperature of -8.6 C, Environment Canada meteorologist Carmen Hartt said last month featured temperatures well below average.

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The average low was -12.6 C and the average high was -4.6 C.

Normally, February has an average temperature of 0.1 C, with an average low of -4 C and an average high of 4.3 C.

In February 2018, numbers were closer to normal levels, but still colder than average, with an average temperature of -5.7 C, an average high of -1.7 C and an average low of -9.6 C.

This past February also left with less precipitation than fell in February 2018, with 13.8 millimetres last month compared to 51.9 millimetres measured a year ago.

Although it was the fifth-coldest February on record, it’s far from the No. 1 spot.

In 1936, the average temperature in February was -15 C.

Hartt also noted Kamloops didn’t experience too many days above zero last month. Typically, February produces temperatures above 0 C for 23 days of the month. Last month, only six days were above freezing.

The reason why February has been so cold is rather simple — once the cold air moved in, it didn’t really go anywhere.

“The upper weather pattern just hasn’t been moving that much,” Hartt said. “We’re stuck in this stagnant Arctic air mass.”

Despite the freeze, Hartt said Kamloops is in for a fairly mild spring as she expects temperatures to return to normal levels around the middle of March.

Those normal levels are around 5 C, with a normal average low of 0 C. Highs will be 11 C on average.

The immediate outlook is not nearly as frigid as what Kamloops has experienced for more than a month.

Environment Canada is calling for periods of snow from Wednesday, March 6, through Friday, March 8, with highs of 2 C and lows of a relatively balmy -6 C expected.

The weekend is forecast to be sunny and warmer, with the daily highs predicted to be 5 C on Saturday, March 9, and 10 C on Sunday, March 10.

Then again, The Weather Network is not nearly as optimistic as it is calling for sunshine on the weekend amid highs of only 2 C on Saturday and 3 C

on Sunday.

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