Kamloops couple fundraising as liver transplant nears

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Mark Daley contracted hepatitis C in the 1990s while undergoing a blood transfusion following an injury.

“He got dirty blood,” wife Paula Hucker told KTW.

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“He got hep C from that. He lived with that because there was nothing much to do from it.”

In 2015, Daley underwent treatment to cure his hepatitis, but the medication ruined his liver.

“His liver is totally destroyed,” Hucker said. “He’s Stage 4 — end stage. He’s made it through near-death experiences I can’t even tell you how many times.”

The 67-year-old’s only shot is a new liver, but the treatment surrounding a transplant carries with it a hefty price tag.

Hucker said the procedure will take place at Vancouver General Hospital.

“We have to get there,” she said. “We have to basically move there and that costs money. They told us it’s about $30,000 per family. Every time we go there, it’s about two grand.”

Hucker said the treatment and medication is covered, but accommodations are not.

“It’s just we always need to get to his next appointment, then after that it’s the next one after that,” she said. “It’s killing us financially. We can’t keep doing it.”

In the meantime, Hucker said, Daley is looking into treatment in Manitoba and Ontario.

“They have what’s called a MARS machine and it’s like dialysis for your liver,” she said. “B.C. doesn’t have it and it’s $15,000 per treatment. They tell me he’ll need three treatments and that will keep him alive longer to get a donor.”

For more information or to donate, go online to gofundme.com/borrowedtime.

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