Kamloops drug dealer gets four years in prison

Chad Bissat, 30, was convicted in October of 18 drug- and weapons-related charges following a B.C. Supreme Court trial

A Kamloops drug wholesaler has received a four-year prison sentence.

Chad Bissat, 30, was convicted in October of 18 drug- and weapons-related charges following a B.C. Supreme Court trial.

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His sentence also includes a 10-year firearms ban and an order to submit a sample of his DNA to a national criminal database.

The Crown had called for Bissat to be sentenced to seven years in connection with a 2016 bust that turned up $200,000 worth narcotics and a loaded gun.

At trial, Bissat was described by a police officer as “a load guy,” meaning he distributed large quantities of drugs to dealers rather than small amounts to users. He operated his drug line under the name “Biz.”

On March 24, 2016, police were acting on a tip from a confidential informant when they arrested Bissat and searched his backpack. Inside the bag, investigators found 120 grams of cocaine, 195 grams of meth and 60 fentanyl pills.

A search warrant was obtained and a search of Bissat’s house turned up a further 1.1 kilograms of cocaine, 573 fentanyl pills, 58 grams of a mixture of heroin and fentanyl, more than four grams of heroin, 71 grams of MDMA, eight pounds of marijuana and 430 grams of magic mushrooms, as well as amounts of meth, ketamine and steroids.

Federal Crown prosecutor Anthony Varesi said the seizure was “significant.” 

“At the street level, the value would be about $200,000, but it should be said these appeared to be being distributed at the wholesale level,” Varesi said.

In addition to the drugs, police also seized a loaded firearm, cash, cutting agents, measuring cups, blenders, drug-dealing scoresheets and a hydraulic press.

“The accused could certainly be considered a mid- to high-level dealer at the wholesale level,” Varesi said.

Varesi asked B.C. Supreme Court Justice Warren Milman to impose a seven-year prison sentence. Defence lawyers Jeremy Jensen and Marshall Putnam, however, said the jail term should be no longer than four years.

Jensen said Bissat was “grossly addicted” to hard drugs when he was arrested.

“He was using heavily at the time of the offence,” Jensen said. “He had primarily been using cocaine for days on end. Then, coming down off his binges, he would use Oxycodone and also dabble in heroin.”

Jensen said Bissat referred to his role as that of “a mover.”

“He was told to move drugs from one location to another,” Jensen said. “His job was to live at the stash house and take care of the house. He would get calls and be told where to deliver drugs. He would get paid in narcotics and sometimes cash.”

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