Ladies from The Shores offer insight on this crazy little thing called love

Here is some Valentine's Day romantic wisdom from Eve, Dorothy, Bernice, Edna and Merle, residents at The Shores Retirement Residences in North Kamloops.


Some ladies at The Shores Retirement Residences in North Kamloops were posed some Valentine’s Day-themed questions, with the answers serving as a lesson plan for those just embarking on this crazy little thing called love.
Here is some romantic wisdom from Eve, Dorothy, Bernice, Edna and Merle.

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Question 1: What is the key to a successful marriage? 

Eve: “Loving your partner more than yourself and wanting to be with them.”

Dorothy: “Husband kisses his wife every day.”

Bernice: “Do not keep secrets, do things together, tell him you love him often, do nicer things for one another.”

Edna: “Love one another, working together, a 50-50 marriage.”

Merle: “Respect and date nights.”

Question 2: What would be your perfect Valentine’s Day date?

Eve: “A bottle of wine and a fondue at home.”

Dorothy: “Take her to a nice restaurant.”

Bernice: “Sitting with your partner with candles and a nice dinner and then dancing the night away.”

Merle: “Steak and prawn dinner, followed by theatre.”

Question 3: How do you keep the romance alive in a marriage?

Eve: “The little things, like flowers, surprise lunch or dinner out. Always thinking about them and telling them you love them. Listening to what they have to say.”

Dorothy: “Give nice presents.”

Bernice.” Give compliments. Do not go to bed mad. Talk it out, be kind to one another, cook nice meals for him and tell your partner you love them often.”

Edna: “Doing everything together.”

Merle: “Date nights, doing things together, raising children.”

Adriana: “Love each other.”

Question 4: What is some advice you would give to younger people about love?

Eve: “Love your partner every day, admit when you’re wrong, love each other and grow together. You don’t have to start out with everything.”

Dorothy: “Always tell the truth.”

Bernice: “Do not rush into anything. Get to know one another,. Be faithful. Do not keep secrets.”

Edna: “Trust them and be honest with each other. True love and trust is important.”

Merle: “Always respect one another.”

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