Mayor Ken Christian socks it to Ed (with video)

Ed the Sock, the former Much Music star, visited Kamloops City Hall in advance of his appearance on Monday night at The Blue Grotto

Ed the Sock stopped by city hall to chat with Mayor Ken Christian about the recent civic election, cannabis and vacancy rates in advance of his show at the Blue Grotto on Monday night.

The light-hearted photo-op also came riddled with cheeky comments, typical of the former Much Music personality.

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“You won by like 18,000 votes or something,” Ed said to the mayor, while congratulating him on his Oct. 20 victory. “Be honest with me. When you see those numbers, do you just feel like the Colossus of Rhodes? Do you just feel like giant and drunk with power, ever?” 

“Yeah, no,” the mayor replied. 

With an old stogie hanging off of his lip, the political sock puppet went after legal cannabis, asking Christian how he feels about Kamloops earning the moniker “Kamsterdam” following the recent opening of B.C.’s first legal recreational cannabis store.

Christian said the city was ready in time for legalization and the novelty is likely only momentary. Ed followed up with a hard-hitting question — well, hard-hitting for a sock puppet.

“Now, have you noticed the corner stores reporting an increased sale of, like, Doritos?” Ed the Sock asked.

“Yeah, everybody thought that was going to happen, but it hasn’t yet,” the mayor replied.

“No shortage of Doritos, none of that? No shortage of like Ritz crackers, munchies? So far, no shortages? It hasn’t been like post-apocalypse, everybody running in to get their stuff before it runs out?” Ed the Sock queried.

“Yeah, that sort of reefer-madness thing didn’t happen,” Christian said. “So what happened was, the only thing they’re running out of is product because they’ve had, I think, 34,000 visits in three weeks to the legal cannabis store in Kamloops.”

“I’m trying to process that,” Ed the Sock said. “How many people live in Kamloops?”

“About 95,000, so …”

“That’s a huge per cent of your population that are potheads,” Ed the Sock said.

“Yeah, maybe it’s not all our population, though, Ed,” Christian said. “It could be people coming from Vernon or Vancouver to enjoy recreational cannabis from a legal supplier. We’re the only game in town.”

Ed the Sock said the city’s embrace of cannabis must be the reason for its low vacancy rates. Christian, however, said it is due to a combination of city growth and Thompson Rivers University students.

“My wife and I have a couple of spare rooms,” Christian said. “And our kids have moved out and, yeah, sock in the basement? Maybe not a bad idea.”

“I’m getting the idea of an amazing reality show,” Ed the Sock said. “The mayor, his wife and Ed the Sock. Can you imagine? It would be like half sitcom, half political drama. Um, and I can’t make it another half because there’s only two halves in any one thing.”

In the end, Ed the Sock offered the mayor some advice:

“The one thing I’d recommend to you politically,” he said. “You show way too much enthusiasm. Like, you need to button down a little more. You’re a little too wild.”

With that, Christian hit his gavel.

Ed the Sock will be at The Blue Grotto, 319 Victoria St., on Monday for a show at 7 p.m. Tickets are still available online at They are $20. 


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