More vandalized election signs prompt clean-up by People's Party

People's Party of Canada candidate Ken Finlayson does not believe it's one of his supporters painting 'PPC' across election signs in Kamloops

People's Party of Canada candidate Ken Finlayson is adamant the ongoing vandalism on election signs across the city has nothing to do with his supporters.

Finlayson reached out to KTW on Saturday and said at least 28 more signs had been vandalized at various locations across the city.

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It's the second time election signs have been found vandalised in recent days. On Thursday, the signs of Green Party candidate Iain Currie and NDP candidate Cynthia Egli had to be removed or cleaned after "PPC" was spraypainted across them in purple spraypaint.

Terry Lake Twitter PPC vandalism
Liberal candidate Terry Lake took to Twitter to ask People's Party candidate Ken Finlayson to "reign in" his supporters after more signs were found vandalized on Saturday. - Terry Lake/Twitter

PPC supporter and sign man Dave Merryfield was out cleaning off the signs of his party's political opponents on Saturday.

Finlayson said he guarantees the vandalism was not the work of a PPC supporter.

Earlier on Saturday, Liberal candidate Terry Lake called on Finlayson to "please reign in your supporters who have defaced many progressive party signs around Kamloops" on Twitter.

"Nobody in their right mind would do this trying to get support," Finlayson told KTW. "We don't have any supporters who are that stupid."

The vandalism has appeared on the signs of every opponent with signs up around the city, including the Greens, Liberals, Conservatives and NDP.

"We're doing our dead-level best to get on top of it," he said.

Finlayson said he is concerned the vandalism is the work of someone trying to "paint us as a radical party," and said the RCMP has also been alerted to the issue.

The People's Party of Canada has come under fire a number of times this election for its stance on climate change and immigration, including a tussle over billboard ads featuring PPC leader Maxime Bernier asking Canadians to "Say NO to Mass Immigration." 

The criticism also includes Finlayson himself, who in September shared an image that compared 16-year-old climate activist Greta Thunberg to the Nazis'  use of children for propaganda. He later said he regretted the post.

Finlayson called the vandalism a "blatant provocation by someone trying to smear the PPC" and that "anyone with a spoonful of brains knows we wouldn't be doing it."

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