Old Pinantan Lake school may be moved to Kamloops

SD73 is looking into using a provincial program to deconstruct, then reconstruct, the building

Robbin's Range schoolhouse in Sahali may have a new neighbour next year, imported from Pinantan Lake.

School District 73 is hoping to take advantage of a new provincial program in order to deconstruct the abandoned Pinantan elementary schoolhouse and move it to the educational heritage site on Springview Place.

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SD73 facilities director Art McDonald said the district has applied to the new Rural Districts Program for $140,000 to take apart the 900-square-foot, one-room schoolhouse about 40 minutes northeast of Kamloops.

"I'd like to keep the hand-hewn logs that are on the exterior and relocate them," McDonald said.

The school would be rebuilt next to the Robbins Range building — an old log schoolhouse that was dismantled and rebuilt at the former Pineridge elementary site in 1985 as a place where classes now take field trips to learn about what school was like decades ago.

"We'd have to build a different structure and use the hand-hewn logs as cladding because you couldn’t build with those hand-hewn logs and have it pass a building inspection," McDonald said.

The rebuilt structure would then become another educational space and children could see the difference in architecture between the old Pinantan school and the Robbins Range school, which was originally built in 1915. The school in Pinantan was built in the decades after Robbins Range opened.

"The building at some point will be rotten, so we might as well try to save some heritage and have it live on so kids could see how things used to be,” McDonald said. “We've already got the log cabin there and this would be the next generation of school. The log cabin was kind of the old, old stuff. This one would be old."

Robbins Range Heritage School also served as a community centre and church in Barnhartvale before it closed in 1952.

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