Olivia, Lucas lead the baby name race in B.C. in 2019

The past decade has been dominated by Olivia (most popular name for girls eight of 10 years) and Liam (most popular name for boys four of 10 years)

Olivia is once agin the front-runner for the most popular name for babies born this year in British Columbia.

Olivia is followed by Oliver, Lucas, Liam, Ethan, Noah, William, Benjamin, Charlotte, Emma and Leo, according to the Vital Statistics Agency's preliminary figures from Jan. 1 to Dec. 18, 2019.

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In 2018, Liam was the top choice for babies born in B.C., followed by Olivia, Emma, Lucas, Oliver, Benjamin, Ethan, Noah, Logan and Amelia.

Meanwhile the past decade has been dominated on the girls’ side by Olivia and on the boys’ side by Liam.

The most popular name for boys born in B.C. this past decade:

• 2019: Lucas (through Dec. 18)

• 2018: Liam

• 2017: Benjamin

• 2016: Lucas

• 2015: Oliver

• 2014: Liam

• 2013: Liam

• 2012: Ethan

• 2011: Liam

• 2010: Jacob

The most popular name for girls born in B.C. this past decade:

• 2019: Olivia (through Dec. 18)

• 2018: Olivia

• 2017: Olivia

• 2016: Olivia

• 2015: Emma

• 2014: Olivia

• 2013: Olivia

• 2012: Olivia

• 2011: Emma

• 2010: Olivia

Those names are in stark contrast to baby names handed out in the province in the past.

A century ago, in 1919, the five most popular names for baby boys were John, Robert, George, Donald and Thomas. The five most popular names for baby girls in 1919 were Mary, Dorothy, Edith, Florence and Alice.

Fifty years ago, in 1969, the five most popular names for baby boys were Michael, David, John, Richard and Jason. The five most popular names for baby girls in 1969 were Lisa, Jennifer, Tracy, Susan and Shannon.

Not one of those names from 1919 or 1969 cracked the top 10 list for boys or girls in 2018.

Only names that occur five or more times are listed in the database.

From Jan. 1 to Dec. 18, 2019, 40,978 babies were born in B.C. In all of 2018, 43,844 babies were born in B.C.

For more information on baby names in B.C., click here.


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