Online marketplaces have killed need for drop-in shop at Kamloops dump

A decade ago, people would rummage through items at the landfill; today, they can simply click on any number of Facebook groups

Don’t expect the drop-in shop at the dump to return any time soon.

The idea to re-open the shuttered shop — essentially second-hand sales of items at the Mission Flats landfill — recirculates on a regular basis.

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However, city staff say the concept was good in theory, but not practice.

“The intent was very heartfelt and loving and it made everybody feel good to know that we had a location where people could go and bring their lovely furniture, which somebody could then go to the drop-in shop and pay $5 for and be very happy with it,” civic operations director Jen Fretz said.

“It ended up being, ‘I have this piece of junk that nobody wants, I refuse to pay to get rid of it, so I’m going to take it to the drop-in shop.’ It honestly became a bit of a garbage heap, if you will.”

Staff ultimately ended up having to haul drop-in shop items to the nearby landfill.

The store closed more than a decade ago.

Since then, online marketplaces have filled a void and reduced the need for such a shop.

Fretz said the drop-in shop existed prior to the advent of popular online auction and sales sites, many of which are hosted on Facebook.

“Those types of sites have really reduced, in my opinion, the need for a drop-in-shop type of place,” Fretz said, noting the online sites prevent people from having to drive out to the Mission Flats site to look through used items.

“It’s interesting,” Fretz said. “I think the need for that and the void created from closing it has really been filled by local social media sites, which are doing a great job.”

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